Why Book Lovers Feel More.

Fun little tid bit about me, I am a total book worm. Before having my son, any free time I had usually consisted of writing and reading. My favorite hobbies by far and every chance I get, my nose is in a book.

Tell me if you can relate but I feel like whenever you finish a really good book, sometimes you are just at a loss. You connect so well with the characters, you go through their journey with them and then just like that, it’s all over and you feel like you just lost a friend.

Books to me are so powerful, I love all the emotions you can get just from reading one book. You can laugh with the characters, you can cry with them and feel their pain and their heartbreak. There’s nothing better to me than an emotional book, I am a sucker for them. Books to me are like my safe haven. Ever since I was little if I just wanted to get away or just clear my mind from whatever was going on, my first instinct was to grab my favorite book and curl up and get lost in it. I love the connection it gives you, it takes your mind right to where the author decided you should be.

“When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls.”

Another confession, I’ve always wished I had the talent and creativity to create a story that the reading world would love, to connect your readers to the characters you have fallen so in love with as you’ve created them and come to know them. That has to be the best reward as an author, to listen to your readers feedback. To find out who their favorite characters were, or what book boyfriend they love the most (we all have one!) I love when I find a book and find out the author actually cried while writing it, just the emotional bond we all find with books is amazing to me.

“We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.”

We book lovers feel emotions like no other, in the way we interpret words, in the way that our hearts and mind follow whatever story we are into. I love finding characters who relate to what i’m feeling, just like when you hear a song that just tells your story, some characters just tell our own stories so well in their own words. Let’s keep connecting and keep feeling every chance we get, I will always find my safe haven in a good ol’ book.

I really hope my son finds a love for books. Right now he really loves them and learning new things from each book he has which as a mom and as a bookworm, makes me so happy!

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40 thoughts on “Why Book Lovers Feel More.”

  1. I agree with all you said, Amanda! Reading has been always a place to lose myself and when you finish a great book there’s always that sense of loss following. I love to relate to characters, grow accustomed to them and get to love them, it’s a friend on paper that will always be there for you! Hope your son will grow to love books, but I can see he’s already well ahead xx

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  2. I love this! I also feel like people who read more have bigger and more vivid imaginations too! I’m forever daydreaming, and I feel like that ‘skill’ was honed (and still is) by years and years of reading!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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  3. I agree with this! I have recently started reading more and I love that I can just lose myself in a book and as much as I hate when a good book ends I love the excitement when the next one in the series is released

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  4. Thanks for this insightful article. You show how reading can allow you to empathize more and develop some emotional skills and maturity that you wouldn’t otherwise develop so well. I loved to read as a child but haven’t done as much reading recently and your post encourages me to get back into it!

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  5. I completely agree! I feel so much when I read a wonderful book. I have read a few amazing books more than once and they made me cry every time. As a teacher, I have read Charlotte’s Web at least 5 times, and I can’t help but cry at the end. It’s fun to see my students tear up too. 🙂


  6. Wonderful post! I am exactly the same! I love getting lost in a good book. I can get so attached to the characters, that it’s difficult for me to let them go. That’s why I try to read series instead of one offs. It gives me more time with the characters I love. Hopefully I can pass on my love of reading to my kids.


  7. I connected with so much of what you said! Reading has always brought so much happiness and peace to my life, and I love to hear the positive impact it has had on you too! Thank you for sharing this!


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  8. My goodness, I think we are book twins! Your post is exactly how I feel about reading and books and I also love writing, and have always wanted to write something everyone would love to read. It was so nice to read this post and I agree with it all 100%.

    xo, Giulia

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  9. Absolutely this!! It is the most amazing thing to lose yourself in a book and fall in love with characters! I hope my little one gets my love of books too (and not hubby’s indifference!)

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  10. 🙌 My seven year old recently started reading and has found a book serious she is very interested in. I’m so happy she has my love for reading, but also I feel for her and the emotions she’s going to have when the series ends 😂 Those emotions are strong!

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