8 Acts Of Kindness For This Holiday Season.

It’s officially the Holiday season and what better way to celebrate it then to give back and be kind to others? Especially this year.

I love everything about the Holiday’s and even though I think you should be kind everyday out of the year, I do have to admit there is something magical about this time of year that just makes you want to give, give, give!

So I am here to give you a few ideas on how you can share your kindness with other’s even during a pandemic. Some of these are the smallest gestures but I promise you, they can totally change someone’s day!

Go through your winter coats, trends change and I’m sure there are a few in your closest that just don’t suit your style anymore. Guess what though? There are so many freezing out there during the winter time, so donate it to a coat drive or your local shelter!

Buy a Stanger’s coffee! How many of you have had it happen to you before? You’re in this massive coffee line and just need that first sip of caffeine to wake you up, you pull up to the window and find out your coffee’s been paid for. It’s enough to make your whole entire day.

Donate some toys or pet food to your local shelters. Pets need love as much as we all do during the holiday season.

Same thing goes for kids! Go through your kids toys from last year that they maybe just don’t play with enough and donate them to a local charity drive for children! Or maybe even buy a new toy for toys for tots! I bet it would bring out the biggest smile on their faces.

Leave goodies out for your local post office workers and UPS and FedEx! I’m sure online sales are up way more this year and they are so busy. And if possible a drop off for your local hospitals, we know they all deserve them!

Whip up a big batch of Christmas cookies and do porch drop offs for your neighbors, friends and families!

Donate to a cause you care about this season, or buy from small shops for Christmas gifts that give a percentage of profit to a non profit organization and even just to support them. We know every small business needs it this year.

Write out Christmas cards and send them to your family and friends this year. You can even send them to soldiers and maybe do a mailbox drop off at nursing homes.

There are so many things you can do this holiday season to really brighten up someone’s day or to give back to those in need.

I know I am going to try to accomplish a lot of these this season and I encourage you to do the same! We as people make such a huge difference in this world and you know what? Even if you are only making a difference in one person’s life, that’s all that matter’s.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gives you the motivation to really make this holiday season a great one by giving back in some way!

As always, thanks for reading!

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23 thoughts on “8 Acts Of Kindness For This Holiday Season.”

  1. This is something that is needed. There is so much focus on gift giving and receiving and not enough on other things such as giving the gift of being kind . I love the idea of purchasing a cup of coffee or something for someone.

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  2. These are great ideas. Donating items, whether new or used is a really good idea. I know we donated a bunch of clothes recently and I am sure they went to good homes of people who needed them. I love that you included donating to pet shelters as they also need goodies, be it food or other supplies so they can enjoy the holidays as well.


  3. Wonderful suggestions! At a time when many cannot do their normal giving routines it is a good reminder that there are other ways and items we can donate!

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  4. These are great ideas. I recently realized that I have a large collection of wool up in my spare room… Okay, I knew I had wool up there, but I just realized how much! lol I think I’m going to sit down over the holiday season and crochet a bunch of blankets for a local pet rescue. That way it can go to good use instead of just collecting dust.

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  5. I love these ideas as ways to spread the holiday spirit! Cards for friends, family, and strangers is such a sweet idea; just a few kind words can make anyone’s day shine. I also love the idea of making a huge batch of cookies to share! 🙂

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  6. I love all these ideas. This year has been crazy for so many people. Even if it’s just a small act they can definitely make a difference in someone’s day 🙂


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