Motherhood Takes A Village.

I want to start out by saying you mama’s or dads who have to do it alone… you are pure super hero’s.

This raising kids thing? It takes a village.

What a scary week we had last week.

There is nothing worse when your little is sick and they have no way to tell you what is wrong. My heart was literally breaking last week when my bub got sick. Thankfully we are on the mend but holy cow.

You know what though? I literally have no idea what I would do without my husband, my family and my friends and that is where this village thing I am talking about comes into play.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and on my last straw, Elle Woods break down throwing chocolates at my TV screen, I am so happy for my husband. My rock. My shoulder.

When I have no clue what I am doing on this new mom life adventure, when I have so many questions and just want a seasoned mom by my side I am so happy for the ladies in my family and in my life (they know who they are!) coming to my rescue.

When I just want to talk about something other than motherhood, when I want to gossip and girl chat and send funny memes and talk about just life in general I am so thankful for my girl friends!

It just really takes a village in this motherhood game.

You need your people. You need those breaks. You need that support. You need a glass of wine or two every once in a while. You need a date night without the kids. You need to take care of yourself.

You need it all to stay sane. To not lose yourself. To keep that little fire that makes you, you.

These littles of ours deserve our unconditional love 24/7. So that’s why I’m telling you, create your own little village to help you be the best you can possibly be! And to help them too.

Lean on your partner.

Reach out to family.

Message that old friend.

Join a mom group.

Do whatever it takes to be your best self.

Because motherhood sure does take a village.


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20 thoughts on “Motherhood Takes A Village.”

  1. I don’t have any kids yet, but I loved reading this post. My husband and I are working on building a strong partnership now so that when we do have kids, they’re getting everything we can offer them.

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  2. Absolutely True it takes a village to raise a child but as now people see more of nuclear family it is not possible to have people around to help you, this is the reason many couples are preferring to go childless and even if they have one they don’t want to have the other one.

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  3. Yes! My mom’s group saved me so many times when I was going through a divorce and then as a single mom for five years. I couldn’t have done it without support from my mom friends. Thankfully, I just got remarried and have a partner to lean on too.

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  4. Aww this sounds so honest and genuine! Growing up, my grandparents lived right down the road and I hope my parents are close once I have kids. I have such fond memories of this time!

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  5. i’m not a mom just yet, but i’m an auntie of 3 who is blessed to live with my sweet babies & help my sister & their dad out as much as possible! i’ve also been working in childcare for 2+ years & i care for those kids & their families as if they’re my own! you are so right it absolutely takes a village. love this post!

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  6. I don’t have kids, but I can see so many similarities to my mother and yourself. There’s a reason that I had such a happy childhood – it’s because she did all of things you mentioned above. Keep up the good work!!

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  7. For most things in life we’ve got to lean on people, and a child can’t grow up in isolation, right? That’s not healthy! Community is everything.


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