Day In The Life Of A Working Mom.

I love reading and watching day in the life blog posts and vlogs so I thought, why not give it a try? 

So today I am sharing with you my day in the life of a working mom.

Everyday is different of course but this is just a glimpse at my work days!

6:45am-7:00am- Bub wakes up so that means I wake up even though I am silently missing my snoozin’ in days lately! Anyone else as well?

7:15am-7:45am- Small bottle to make bub happy and get a little morning cuddle time in. 

8:15-8:30am- Breakfast for bub which his fav right now as a newly 1-year-old is mini pancakes and fruit! He also likes eggs as well. 

8:45am- That first sip of coffee soothes the soul every single morning. 

9:00am-9:45am- Play time. We usually play inside and he tears up the house or if it’s a nice morning we head outside and play in the yard. 

10:00am-10:30am- I quickly finish getting ready. I shower the night before since mornings are the most hectic and all I have to do is brush out my hair and put a crap ton of concealer on to hide those dark circles so people think I’m human and not the zombie that I am most days.

10:45am- The absolute worst part of my day. The time when I leave for work and my wonderful family gets bub for the day. I dread it, there are tears involved every time. My son will bawl his eyes out until he no longer sees me and I cry inside every single time. 

11:00am-2:00pm- Working and constantly checking in on my son because I am that mom. 

2:30pm-3:00pm- Stuffing my face for a quick lunch. 

3:00pm-7:00pm- Work but then again constantly checking in on my son even when my husband is home with him. Sorry not sorry 🤣

7:15pm- I am home and I usually rush to take my work clothes off and put comfys on because sweat pants are life and then scoop up my bub and give him a big hug. 


8:00pm-Night time routine. A bottle and cuddles and usually a story or two while we relax. 

8:30pm-9:00pm- Bub goes to bed and I cuddle a little bit while he sleeps because working 11-7 stinks. I get all morning with him but nights are short ☹️

9:30pm- I shower and put my pjs on and cuddle up with my hubby on the couch for TV time or if we are super tired we lay down in bed. Our fav right now is Cheers on Hulu!

10:30pm-11:00pm- Bed time! This changes daily because on my days off I sometimes stay up later and on working days I can sometimes be passed out by like 9:00pm like my son honestly.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know my work schedule is a little different than a normal 9-5 job so I thought it would be interesting to see how I do my mornings and nights with my son.

Working and being a parent is hard. It’s hard to juggle it all and everyone’s days are just so different! 

But the reason why we made this blog and what we love to say here is that all you moms (& dads of course) rock and we love being apart of the motherhood clan 😊


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26 thoughts on “Day In The Life Of A Working Mom.”

  1. I give so much credit to every parent that has figured out how to balance work and parenting, especially right now with so many people navigating working from home for the first time. Not only is it interesting to see someone’s routine, but, by sharing this you may be able to help others find a better way to balance their own schedules.

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  2. My day starts as early as 6am on school days and 6.30am on weekends. Why did snooze not come with their body alarm?!! Hahaha! But great post you have here, I’m sure many moms can relate too! ✌️😊

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  3. I have been both a stay at home mom and a working mom. Both are so tough for different reasons. It’s okay to check in on your son whenever you want. And sweat pants are definitely life.

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  4. If we live our lives and keep moving forward, we find the balance that is right for us, even if that does mean checking up on little ones as much as possible. Love that you have shared the timeline of your daily life so more mothers can see they are not on their own when it comes to busy days.

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  5. I have to send serious props your way for not only managing mamahood, but for working a full time job AND blogging on top of it. You’re a superhero, for sure! I’m so impressed with how well you manage your time. All the applause for you!

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  6. Aww! That’s pretty much like my routine! I’ve shared a post on my blog about my routine as a Student Blogger. If you check that out you’ll love it!
    Thanks for sharing your routine 🙂

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  7. That first sip of coffee in the morning does soothe the soul! You seem to have a great morning routine with your little one. Motherhood is tough but there are so many great moments in between the madness. Just do it comfortably in sweat pants 😉

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