Morning Coffee Chat.

Hi friends!

Monday mornings can be such a drag, especially after a Holiday weekend.

Luckily my son is being very good eating breakfast in his high-chair and letting me drink a HOT cup of coffee!

To be honest, I was having such a hard time thinking of what to write about for today’s blog post. Usually I have mine done far in advance but writer’s blog hit. My inspiration journal was just not doing it’s job and I couldn’t come up with a single thing I wanted to talk about.

So I thought for today, maybe we would just chat and get to know me a little better!

For those of you that are new, my names Amanda. I usually write the Monday posts here on Quirky Workin’ Moms.

I am 26 almost 27 in August. I’ve been married almost 2 years to a total sports fanatic that I have been with for 8 years! We have an adorable almost 1-year-old (silently crying while I say that) son who we just can’t get enough of! We are a pretty active family but most of the time you can find us on the couch watching The Office or Cheers on Netflix.

I am an avid reader and writer, I actually even have another blog more specific to the books I read called hanging with amanda. Anything romance or mystery/thriller is right up my alley. Even historical fiction as well!

I enjoy wine and margarita’s and the sunshine on my face. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, you can’t beat the beautiful colors in Michigan during the Fall. I absolutely LOVE dogs. We are hoping to get a golden retriever next year and it has me so excited.

Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde are two of my fav movies. Every time Sweet Home Alabama is on TV you can usually find me stuffing my face with popcorn and chocolate.

The simple things in life like family and friends just make me so happy and that’s usually how I spend my days when I’m not working!

I’m just really happy we are connecting with so many other moms out there and bloggers like us! It’s been so much fun and we are just getting started! Plus today’s post marks our 20th one and that is exciting!

It’s time to heat up my second cup of coffee and get this little man of mine down for a nap.

Do we have anything in common? I would love to hear more about you all and your favorite things!

Thanks for chatting with me! 🙂

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At Quirky Workin' Moms you will find all things lifestyle and motherhood. From the ups and downs of being a mom, kid friendly recipes, family life and fun activities for both kids and adults. Quirky Workin' Moms is here to let you know that it's ok to be a working mom, it's ok to be a little quirky and it's ok to let loose every now and then!

40 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Chat.”

  1. I think this is a nice way to help your readers learn more about you. It was an interesting read. We definitely have things in common. I live in Michigan, love wine, and watch The Office reruns a lot too.

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  2. This was such an awesome post! It was cool to find out we have a lot in common actually. My fiance is also a huge sports fanatic, I love dogs, fall is also my favorite season (well pretty much October to February is my favorite time of year), I love Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama but my movie that I will watch whenever it is on is Just Friends. Writing has been hard for my lately too. I don’t know what is was about these last few weeks, but I think I am finally back on track!

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      1. Oh yes. I also am hearing the disappointment right now depending on if football season gets cancelled or not!

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  3. Hi!
    I always find it great to read about the person behind the blog.
    I had exactly the same yesterday when I sat down to write my post, I just had a massive blank! We’re on week 16 of full on lockdown so maybe it’s taking its toll.
    I’ve just got back into finding a bit of time to myself and started reading again. I like sports autobiographies as again it’s an insight into the person themselves. Maybe I’m just a bit nosey 😁

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  4. It’s so nice to get to know you better !
    I absolutely love Legally Blonde.
    Wine is a must have and coffee every morning is a must have too !

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  5. Girl, I love a good marg!!! Also, golden retrievers are seriously the best dogs in the world. I tell my boyfriend that we are going to have a farm of 17 goldens one day! lol totally joking, but that’s not something I would mind.

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  6. Ha. hahah. Ohhh I miss drinking more than three sips of hot coffee. (Actually, thanks for the reminder. I think I left my mug on the porch somewhere…)
    Almost didn’t click the link cuz ‘morning chat’ just seemed like fluff, but you’ve got such a great voice! You made a new reader today. 🙂

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    1. Awe thank you so much! That means a lot! Lol I had no idea what to call it. Same though, I had my coffee outside this morning too because my son was pounding on the back door to go outside at 8:30am 🤣🤣


  7. Thanks for sharing this. We have some things in common, I LOVE dogs too and you can often find me and my husband on the couch watching the office!

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  8. Fun, morning read! Blogging is an amazing way to meet some great people. You definitely need to add a dog to the family– they’re the best 💕

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  9. I loved this post! It was so fun to read! I am an Office lover too and currently also dating a sports fanatic! Who knows! Maybe in 6 years or so I will be writing a post very similar to this one!


  10. Nice to learn more about you! We have a few things in common, I’m also a mom and live in the Midwest. We just recently moved and by far fall is my favorite season! I love to read and write and Sweet Home Alabama is a beautiful movie. Reese Witherspoon is amazing!


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