Why You Need To Fight For Your Marriage.

It’s the end of the day.

My perfectly styled hair at some point in the day has been replaced by a messy bun.

My coffee energy has run out a long, long, longgg time ago.

My eyes are tired and as soon as I walk in the door and the baby see’s me, he will cry for me.

So I have to rush to change my clothes, rush to take the work day off of me.

I normally work later than my husband so I quickly grab my son with usually no more than a little hi to the man I promised to love forever.

I am exhausted, I have a baby to tend to, a decent meal to put on the table, and night time routines to get to.

And at the end of all that? All I can usually think of is how good my glass of white wine is going to taste when I get a chance to myself.

But I need to stop and take a breath.

I really need to learn how to do this, because the man sitting on the other side of the couch with a beer in his hand?

He’s had a long day too.

He’s came home from work and has had to quickly change and quickly wash the work day off of him so he can grab our son.

He’s had to quickly get some things done, quickly eat dinner and help with night time routines.

We are a team.

And you know what?

He deserves so much more than a quick hi when I get home and a couch buddy to wind-down with at night.

You always think your romance will never die. That even when you have kids you promise you will still have date nights and time to be alone together.

It’s so hard.

It’s hard to be a wife, and a husband, and a parent and an employee.

Life is just hard.

But you have to make it work. You have to fight for the communication, for the little bit of time when you are alone, for the date nights even if it’s one at home in front of the TV.

It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of everyday life. To think you just always have to go-go-go to feel worthy.

But you don’t, not always at least.

So next time I come home from work, tired and just thinking of that glass of wine waiting for me while I put my feet up on the couch…and maybe even rub them on my husband even though he hates it… 😉

I’m going to make sure I come home and quickly change my clothes, quickly take the work day off of me.

But slowly kiss my husband hello. Slowly take my son from him with a smile made just for my man.

Because he deserves it and you know what? I deserve it too.

And you need to fight for your marriage, even when there’s not a thing wrong with it.

Because at the end of every long day? After the kids are in bed? It’s always going to be just the two of you.

And that’s something worth fighting for.

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30 thoughts on “Why You Need To Fight For Your Marriage.”

  1. I voted for this topic on Twitter. I’m glad I did.

    This was well written. It is always refreshing to hear how wonderful marriage is and how it is possible to have a successful one built on love.

    Wishing you more happy years❤️

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  2. Aww, this is such a nice post! It’s so important to think of your partner’s perspective and put them first. A little bit of appreciation and love can go such a long way!

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  3. Great post and summed up perfectly.

    My wife and I really had a tough few weeks recently, mainly due to us being together with the kids 24/7 and no respite. Marriage isn’t really designed to be living in each other’s pockets day in, day out!

    We’re in week 13 of shielding so we still can’t escape from each other but nothing a few box sets can’t fix 😊

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    1. Yes!! My husband and I were home for a period time together as well and there’s only so many places in the house you can go to be alone! I defiantly get that. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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  4. I really felt this. I am not yet married (fingers crossed for our December wedding!) but I really do value our time alone, no matter how busy life gets or what worries or stresses we have. I will always fight for our love x

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    1. Fingers so crossed for you! Awe, thank you so much. Yes! Marriage is so hard but it’s so worth it as long as you take a breather sometimes and remember to spend time together and communicate constantly. Thank you for reading 😊💕

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  5. Very thoughtful read. It’s really the little things that go a long way in any relationship. That warm smile you mention when you come home can soften a mood and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Thank you for the reminder.💕

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  6. Awww, great post. I’m not married yet but hopefully I get to marry the love of my life. With that said, marriage is tough but it’s worth fighting for when both partners respect and care for each other. I’m so glad you make each other happy. Thanks for sharing

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  7. Awww this is such a lovely post!! We’re living through such difficult times at the minute, I always think to myself if I can make it through this with my partner ( we aren’t married yet) I can make it through anything with him. I hope you’re all keeping well. Thanks for sharing 💗

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  8. This is such a lovely post! It is much, much easier when you are not selfishly thinking of only yourself while your partner is doing the same. It is good to think of each other, because I feel like that makes working through life day by day all the more fulfilled.

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  9. i agree. Any marriage worth having is worth fighting for. There’s nothing like having someone by your side through the good, bad, fun, ups, and downs. It’s important to always remember that you’re a team and it’s you two against the world

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  10. This is awesome. Sometimes I go through this too. I got to take the time to make sure I put some of my problems away and be nicer and lovely to my fiance.

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